Zoomable Cree flashlight mini size: SK68 from 1,87€


Note: This China-Gadget article is already over a year old. It may be that the price is now different or the Gadget sold out. So you missed nothing:

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Have fun Browsing! Latest China Gadgets, reports and Tests can be found on our home page,” XPE Q5 flashlight at GearBest-Camouflage-Design. Today, at a price of 1.87€.

We have already presented a whole range of flashlights with different LED Chips. Most of the time it was Greater to have the Motto:, Brighter, Better. But who are still looking for a small variant of the well can be transported and still bright, now with the Cree SK68 flashlight is a suitable companion be found.

  • Of led Flashlight at GearBest for 1,87€, with the coupon code: Q5GB
  • at TinyDeal for 3,58€
  • at Dealextreme for€4.49

With this Gadget you have a compact flashlight that makes for a very bright light. Because with a diameter of 2.5 cm and a length of 8.8 cm, the flashlight is very small and handy, allowing you to name all the honor, power, and comfortable in the pocket should fit. In addition, a flashlight with zoom function , which is also the size of a rare feature. This means you can the lens move sitting in front of the LED Chip, so that the focus changes, and the light pooled on either a point, or widely scattered.

For the necessary light, makes the LED Chip Cree Q3 with a performance of 3 watts. To find the Cree Q3, in conjunction with the LED driver, which is installed in the SK68, it is on the Internet for various information to the brightness. So I have in a range of from 80 lumens to 300 lumens, as it is also in the item description, several values are found. Probably you should rely more on the lower numbers, as the seller of experience, gloss over, according to a Couple of technical data, the sales figures (similar to the Q5) to drive to the top. How bright the lamp is, but really, you can see in this Video, well, where the zoom function is presented:

The can-let’s see, is it? We come now to the power supply, the SK68 on two different types is possible. So you have the possibility of the Whole, either with ordinary AA batteries to operate or on a 14500 Li-Ion battery . Who All from the little bringer of light tickle, like it should, but on the 14500, since these in contrast to the normal batteries with a voltage of 3.7 volts to work.

You will find the SK68 flashlight under different manufacturer names. So there’s this flashlight in addition to the Cree brand from companies such as SIPIK or Ultrafire. These models are up on the brand label of identical construction and all of them have installed the Q3 LED Chip. There is a large Community around this lamp, and many you can also use them to modifizeren and a little pimp. In this Youtube Video you can see, for example, a modded SK68, which has been modified with various modifications. But I think even without the modifications you get for very little money, a very small but very bright flashlight.

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