In the Test: Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ear headphones YDLYEJ03LM for a 17,79€


With the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ears, the Chinese manufacturer is bringing its first “normal” Bluetooth In-Ear without ear hook on the market. As is the case with the Mpow Judge instead make ear wires for the fit in the ear. Whether China’s all-rounder can run with this In-Ear to our previous favorites from Mpow or TaoTronics?

  • Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ear
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Packaging and delivery

The packaging of the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ears does not impress me, as in the case of the Piston Per 2, not at all. I’m afraid that this will change. The packaging of the Bluetooth In-is to open the Ears to the back of the cardboard carton, a tear strip is present, as you know it from might of frozen foods.

You pick up the packaging once it is ugly, it can no longer properly seal

What Xiaomi has, however, never stingy, is the number of ear-pairs. The Xiaomi Youth wireless In-Ear equal to five Pairs are present, is definitely for each ear, the right size. In addition, a Micro-USB charging cable and a user manual in Chinese is included.

Unfortunately, neither on the packaging nor on the headphones a CE-sign

Processing & Design

What you need to let Xiaomi holding is that it completely doesn’t matter how cheap the packaging is, the content most of the times anyway. So here, too. The headphones, which is made of plastic, has no processing or material defects . With a weight of 14.5 g, he is about a gram heavier than the Mpow Judge, in comparison to the significant size difference, not much.

The colour is here again only Black to choose from, wherein the rear sides of the listener in a grey/blue Metallic, a subtle colour accent. The shape of the listener immediately recalls the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, which we already had in the Test.

Comfort: super comfortable, even in the long run.

However, I had, personally, at the Mi Sports Headset big problems with the Grip, because the earhook sit too closely. Probably we are not the only ones who have problems with the fit. The ear hooks of the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ear, with an angle of exactly 58°, a particularly good hold. In addition, the hooks rotate 360° and can be individually adjusted.

Unfortunately, the handset does not adhere to each other with magnets – what a shame!

In practice, the headphones with the second-largest ear cushions Pair for me, bombproof and remains even after prolonged Wearing comfortable, more comfortable than the Mpow Judge. Here was successfully repaired – very good!

Unfortunately, the cable, which of the two handsets together, with the 52 cm length of about 10 cm shorter than the Mpow Judge. People with a pronounced bull neck might have problems, for me personally, the cable has the optimum length – the shorter it should be.

To see: the cable of the Mpows is 10 cm longer

An advantage of the short cable is that the control element has less room and so less on the left ear Cup pulls. So the comfort is affected, in my case, a positive effect due to the shorter cable.

The Sound of the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ears

In the Interior of the handset were two dynamic drivers, each with a diameter of 10 mm and PE-membranes are installed. An additional BA driver, as is the case with the Xiaomi Piston Pro 2, does not exist.


The Sound of the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ears like me, overall, significantly better than that of the Xiaomi Mi Sports Headsets. Above all, the powerful Bass of the In-Ears, which in the Sub-Bass range, compared to the Mpow Judge, again, a little more “oomph”.

In spite of the lively bass , the High and mid range and it makes a beautiful sound. If you compare it with the Mpow Judge, that the sound images are easy to distinguish. While the Xiaomi In-Ear has a very round sound, this is the Mpow Judge in the range of Frequencies emphasized a bit more.

While I would not say that the sound now is worse than the other, it’s just something different. I personally like the Mpow Judge to say something more, since I feel that the slightly more emphasized treble as a good counterpoint to the rich, full Bass. Probably the whole thing is kind of getting used to, since I use the Mpow, it’s been about 1.5 years daily.

In comparison to the Xiaomi Piston 2 is the High – and mid-range a little imprecise, what it is, that it is not a Hybrid In-Ear with BA drivers. In the bass and lower midrange of the Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ear the Piston Pro 2, but nothing.

Support – with iOS Support

Supports the headphones not via buttons directly at the listeners, but via a control element such as one from the TaoTronics TT-BH27, or the Mpow Judge knows. With three buttons are the usual functions to be executable.

Above the control element of the Xiaomi In-Ears and the bottom of the Mpows


1x press
2x press

Multi-function button
Play/Pause, call accept/reject
Assistant (Siri/Google)Voice

next track

previous track


In addition, it is also the control element of the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth In-Ears a MEMS microphone built in. In testing this works well, my conversation partners were able to me in sound quality understand. Although you realize that it is not directly with the Smartphone on the phone, a few background sounds are present. However, within reasonable limits, for short calls it enough.

Battery life and Bluetooth

The 120 mAh large battery, which via the Micro-USB Port charging, according to the manufacturer, for up to eight hours of listening to music is sufficient. During the Test, on average, a runtime of 7 hours is achieved. The runtime also depends on the volume of the In-Ear is used. In practice, it was between 40-70%.

The Micro-USB Port, as always, is at the operating element

The built-in Bluetooth 4.1 Chip ensures a stable connection between the headset and Smartphone. In the Test, it is at a distance of about 7-8 meters stable. In enclosed spaces, especially if load-bearing walls come into play, about half of the range. The Chip supports Bluetooth Profiles HFP, A2DP, HSP and AVRCP. However, the use of the aptX Codec from the headphones, unfortunately, not supported.


With the Xiaomi Youth wireless Bluetooth in-Ear now there is finally a usable Bluetooth In-Ear of the Chinese manufacturer. In comparison to the wired Xiaomi Piston In-Ears supports the control element is, fortunately, also Apple’s iOS.

Sonically, it moves to a similar Level as the Mpow Judge, With the difference that the woofer in the Sub-Bass area up a tad more power and the highs are a bit emphasized less. Thus, the sound image of the Xiaomi headphones, in my opinion, something round.

I personally like the Sound of the Mpow Judge to say something more. It is very difficult here, which is In-Ear is now the better. It is absolutely a matter of taste, both In-Ears do a good Job. The next “Level” is probably a Bluetooth in-Ear Hybrid drivers, offers also in the high-frequency a high-resolution Sound, like the Xiaomi Piston Pro or Xiaomi Piston 2.

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Youth wireless is certified in-Ear only with IPX4, the Mpow Judge it is at least IPX6 and thus a low susceptibility to water damage in heavy rain. Liked the comfort of this Xiaomi headphones, this is for my taste a little better than the Mpow Judge, and this is due to the smaller handset inconspicuous.