Cloud: With Extensions in Dropbox, documents to sign


Dropbox Extensions are a new add-on that allows users to edit within the App, your files. It is, for example, PDF can be used to change documents and virtual signatures will be created. A good way to keep customers on the platform.

7. November 2018, At 15:43,
Oliver Nickel

Documents digital sign, thanks to Dropbox Extensions a little easier.
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Dropbox has introduced the new feature Extensions. Thus, users can apply the functions of various programs within the Cloud-Software to stored data. About to edit a PDF file, images, attachments, signatures, video descriptions etc. Dropbox should be in order to a kind of the starting point, from which users work productively. The company writes in a blog post. In this case, the program must not leave itself, which can increase the work flow.

The job market

  1. DZ PRIVATBANK S. A., Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  2. MOTUL Deutschland GmbH, Cologne

To cooperate for this purpose Dropbox with various companies: Adobe, Autodesk, Docusign, Vimeo, Airslate, Hellosign, Nitro, Smallpdf, and Pixlr. “Remember how many steps it takes just to sign a contract: you need to have someone send you the contract, the recipient has to download it, virtual sign, and probably somewhere save,” writes Quentin Clark, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Dropbox. The appropriate Adobe Extension within the App can save these steps.

Extensions a strategy to compete with other Online environments such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 are with a high probability. A text processing software, the company doesn’t offer yet, but Microsoft Office can, for example, documents from the Dropbox create. Moreover, Extensions are an Argument for customers to store their data in the Cloud, there keep, and possibly a Storage Upgrade order.

Dropbox Extensions are from the 27. November be widely available. Later planned to add more partners to enable more actions.