DigiNetz law: Federal network Agency makes Use of empty pipe cheap


Who wants to move in its glass fiber in an urban empty pipe, or blowing, it is allowed to do this to a set price. With 25 cents per Meter and year, the Federal network Agency set a low price.

7. November 2018, At 15:12,
Achim Pogner In Die Meistersinger

The network of high-rheinnet on the border to Switzerland
(Image: High Rheinnet)

Triggered by a dispute between the high rheinnet with the city of Burg (Baden) to run the Federal network Agency has applied, for the first time in the DigiNetz law applied cost scale for the joint Use of a city empty pipe. The authority announced. According to the municipal TKG Südwestfalen, the price for the Use of an embedded tube was set at 25 cents per Meter per year.

The job market

  1. DZ PRIVATBANK S. A., Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  2. MOTUL Deutschland GmbH, Cologne

In addition, there is a minimum charge of 25 euros per year for short distances up to 100 meters. It comes to the Use of a 33-Meter-long an embedded tube in urban property, under a road junction. The regional grid operators, high-rheinnet uses this for its fiber-optic cable, to a commercial area to be fiber to connect the network. The empty tube also uses the Deutsche Telekom already. “In this case, it is not clear that the public always thinks of the first line to its citizens. Most such cases are of a purely personal interest,” said Francesco Lucia, managing Director at high rheinnet, Golem.de on request.

Homann: a Lot of negotiating solutions for glass fiber favor

Jochen Homann, President of the Federal network Agency, said: “The investment cost of broadband development can be reduced through the use of existing network infrastructures.” In the decision, fixed remuneration was appropriate “to encourage as many as possible negotiated solutions”.

The Federal network Agency takes the task of a national dispute resolution body and a Central information point according to the DigiNetz act.

The Federal Ministry of transport worked on a revision of the Diginetz law, in order to prevent the Superstructure and Double extension of glass – fiber cables in the future. So a Mitverlegung of privately built fibre-optic networks should no longer be in those Places, where a publicly-funded fibre-optic network should be built.