Identity verification: to 15,000 mobile phones by asylum seekers, evaluated


With the help of a mobile phone-control authorities want to determine the identity of asylum seekers. But not always, stored photos to give safe advice.

7. November 2018, At 14:52,
Friedhelm Greis

Smartphones are an indispensable communication for the refugees.
(Image: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters)

The Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) has been evaluated to 15,000 mobile phones by asylum seekers, to check their information about their origin. The Vice-President of the office, Markus Richter said in an Interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper (Paywall). In addition, about 9,000 are recognize speech samples with the help of a Software analyzed, the Arabic dialects. In about ten percent of the cases, the technology was according to the judge’s instructions on unresolved issues. This would then have to be investigated.

The job market

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The Grand coalition had adopted in the past year, an “act for the better enforcement of the obligation to leave the country”. Among other things, should be used to the mobile phones of refugees, in order to establish his / her identity. Since July of 2017, the Federal office may require the release of mobile phones and other data carriers and to evaluate if an applicant submits no valid papers. Critics had referred to the access to the Smartphones to Identititäsüberprüfung as “absolutely disproportionate”.

Software for dialect determination

“We never assumed that the Bulk of the refugees, make false statements,” said the judge and added: “But those who do it, we need to filter out.” A case like the one of Franco A. could not happen today. Of the armed forces-soldier had spent as an asylum-seeker from Syria, and even money as a refugee. He was later classified but as a violent right-wing extremist.

The Bamf uses for the evaluation of the data, four new technical assistance systems. Thus, for example, spatial data of photos can be evaluated, but not the photos themselves. However, the evaluation was not always reliable. “It’s been manipulated mobile phones showed up on the later photos were taken in certain regions of origin. They should serve as proof that someone is actually, therefore,” said the judge. Also, the Bamf have prepared already discovered mobile phones, which were completely structured in the same way, “obviously for the official testing,” said the judge.

The voice recognition software recognizes according to the report, five Arabic dialects, with more to be added. According to judge information, the asylum authorities of other countries, are now available at the language software is interested in, such as Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.