Mini Finger basketball game for 0,25€


We are looking for every day after the best Gadgets from the far East, the more we are pleased about so right snapper, which is already a No-Brainer borders: Who is the basketball game for the head to big and the toilet basketball is too complicated, should be either on the Basketball Cup or the Mini Finger basketball game to grab.

  • Finger Basketball
    • at AliExpress for 0.25€ | gear, it’s best for 0,35€
    • Dimensions: 6,0 x 4,4 cm
    • Weight: 8 g

The perfect game for in between?

I think the game principle does not have to be explained: You press the button when the small Basketball is in round shape and in Position, the Ball then flies in the direction of the basketball basket. That’s, of course, you don’t need any exceptional skills, you can miss the basket, but also good.

Click and Rebound or basket? Show me what you can!

The 6.0 x 4.4 cm small game is the typical bag of toys. With the low weight of 8 g and the small dimensions easy to carry, and every opportunity can be used: In the waiting room at the doctor when the Bus longer than you need, or Waiting in the town hall.

Of course, the question of processing is not here, the basket looks absolutely, as if he were made of high quality plastic. Also the low weight speaks not for a very solid toy. But hey, it’s just a small Gimmick for 25 cents, because you can risk something. What do you think?