Xiaomi Wuro toilet paper: a “dream” come true


“What’s next, toilet paper?”, “Smart toilet paper would also be totally practical.” and “Soon here will be hyped even Xiaomi toilet paper as a Gadget. Slowly worse as Apple Nerds!“ – Yes, the comments are from you. And Xiaomi loves his “Fans”, which is why you have your “dream” fulfilled. The Xiaomi Wuro toilet paper is a reality.

Before you get angry in the keyboard: “This is not Xiaomi!”. True, strictly speaking, the actual brand behind it Wuro. But Xiaomi, the Wuro products sells on their side Youpin. Also xiaomi’s product photography for a experienced Xiaomi connoisseur is not dismissed out of Hand.

Xiaomi – what else?!

For the first time to the hard facts. 13.8 cm in length and stable to 10.5 cm in width of a leaf fits loosely to the hand inner surface. It weighs in at a role of this noble fabric with 160 g of just as much as a Xiaomi Redmi 5. That you are with one or even two were satisfied (keyword: emery paper!) high quality speaks for xiaomi’s claim. Four layers for a Hallelujah program are less than one should not be finally satisfied.


This luxury begins even in the packaging. It boasts that you can open the 5mm OP-the three-layer composite material in a lightning fast 3 seconds. Finally, it has to go sometimes, Yes, just quickly, I don’t have to tell you. At least the Google Translator, our China claims the expert Jens is, after all, just in China.

Paper from bamboo?

The actual special feature is the Material used: bamboo fiber. Bamboo, which Pandas back in the average, up to 30 kg on the day, so it can be used as toilet paper material. Xiaomi promises to be a 1,54 specialist more softness than normal toilet paper. In addition, the Xiaomi what the case is toilet paper is very absorbent!

Looks to me to be a little transparent, is it?

This is the quality of the manufacturer also to confirm. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have given their “Okay”. Finally, this toilet paper is also to 99% resistant to e. coli bacteria and staphylococci.

Clearly, anyone who puts his bread in toilet paper.

The complete Xiaomi Fanboy needs, of course, this Wuro toilet paper when he sits on xiaomi’s smart toilet seat. For every semi-normal people, there are many good 4€ per roll at AliExpress (8€ for 2) certainly not! But hey, now we can say definitely: Xiaomi makes every S****ß.