British Telecom: BT defends itself against a Takeover by Deutsche Telekom


A standstill agreement between the BT Group and Deutsche Telekom is about to expire. The Telekom is the largest shareholder and could buy the British telecommunication group. However, the British do not want to.

10. January 2019, 15:58,
Achim Pogner In Die Meistersinger

BT engineer at work
(Image: BT Group)

The British telecommunications giant BT to defend itself against a hostile Takeover by its major shareholder, Deutsche Telekom. The Mail on Sunday reported, citing London’s financial circles. BT have engaged the most well-known adoption experts for the defense.

The job market

  1. Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart
  2. CSL Behring GmbH, Marburg, Germany, Hattersheim am Main

Since the end of 2018, BT work together with the two-Merger-experts of Robey Warshaw and Goldman Sachs. A three-year standstill agreement under which Telekom may not acquire any further actions of the BT Group, expires at the end of January 2019. The BT share price is currently dropped in price sharply and the British pound is still weaker than the Euro.

The mobile operator EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) since January 2016 to BT, the agreed purchase price for RENEWABLES amounted to 12.5 billion pounds, (16.7 billion euros). BT had previously cellular products, for the network of EE was used. The Telekom had introduced its share of RENEWABLES in the BT and 12 percent of the shares in BT. The Telecom was the largest single shareholder.

BT a Takeover by Telekom is not always opposed. BT wanted to check in January 2016, according to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Sir Mike Rake or Joint Ventures with Telekom. Rake did not rule out a Takeover of the group through the Telekom: “We are living in a globalised world and Britain is one of the most open economies in the world.” There is no Golden share to prevent a Takeover, and it decisions in the interest of shareholders would be taken.

In Germany, BT provides, especially network, communications and IT services for large, mostly international companies.