Dash-Buttons: court prohibits the Amazon shopping button


Also in the second instance, the Amazon has lost in court. The shopping button to the Dash is contrary to the view of the Oberlandesgericht München against applicable laws. Amazon wants to challenge the judgment.

10. January 2019, At 16:08,
Friedhelm Greis/ dpa

Another court holds Amazon Dash Button for illegal.
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In the dispute over the admissibility of his Dash button, the Internet retailer Amazon has suffered another defeat. The higher regional court (OLG) Munich ban the organization on Thursday, 10. To sell January 2019, Laundry detergent, coffee, and other Goods of daily demand in Germany to continue in this way. The stick-on, only with the manufacturer’s logo marked buttons lead to intransparent and orders. Clear information on content, price, and the clear reference to a payment subject to the order were missing, stated the judge, according to the news Agency dpa.

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So Amazon is in breach of the laws for the Internet trade. The court thus upheld a judgment of the district court of Munich of March 2018. Sued the consumers of the Westphalia Central North Rhine-Westphalia.

So far, it is on all orders via a Dash Button so that the customer will be informed of the Amazon until after the order, what price a product and which product has actually been ordered. After the purchase of a Dash-button, the customer determines which product should be ordered, when the button is pressed. In Amazon’s terms and conditions of use, he explained, but agree that the button related to product change and also a different price can be charged at the time of the establishment of the Dash Buttons.

There have been complaints, said a lawyer of the plaintiff, the consumer Westphalia in Central North Rhine-Westphalia. Also note that each button means a paid order is missing. The district court saw this as a violation of the laws to Internet sales and ordered Amazon to cease and desist. How many customers use such “Order” button at all, and what sales Amazon do not want to tell the company.

Wi-Fi-order buttons have also tested the Swiss Post and the trade group Valora. The Cologne Institute for trade research “Order” button but for a temporary solution, and will be replaced by voice control and Smart-Home devices.

Supplement dated 10. January 2019, At 16:48

Amazon announced in a statement that the decision of the higher regional court of appeal. “Today’s ruling is not only hostile to innovation – customers are also prevents the fact, to make an informed decision about whether or not a Service as the Dash Button enables a comfortable shopping experience,” the company said. Amazon was convinced that the Dash Button and the corresponding App would be in accordance with the German legislation. “Therefore, we will appeal,” it said.