People Mover: Rolling crates without a driver


CES 2019

Autonomous People movers are a Trend on the exhibition stands of the mobility provider in Las Vegas. New Sensor generations reduce the cost and simplify the manufacture of the Shuttle buses without drivers.

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Dirk customer at the published
11. January 2019, 15:00

People Mover e. Go Mover at CES 2019: Shuttle vehicles are a perfect test field for Level 5-autonomy.
(Image: Dirk, Customer)

With over 170 exhibitors from the field of mobility, has developed the electronics trade show CES is also a car show. Vehicle premieres there were this year, but a clear Trend: People Mover. The consultancy firm Roland Berger estimates that by 2025 worldwide, 2.5 million of these Shuttle buses, the by App book, your rounds are turning. The transport vehicles for four to ten people are to be found in Las Vegas, among other things, in the case of Bosch, Velodyne, and May Mobility. Together, the battery is electric drive, as well as a variety of Sensors. The People Mover should complete your company site as well as in the public transport autonomously. It is a perfect test field for Level 5-autonomy: short distances and low speeds.


  1. People Mover: Rolling crates without a driver
  2. Maintenance and load stop in time to predict

May Mobility from Ann Arbor, Michigan, shows a vehicle for four people. Under the name of Smart Circuit, it turns on a 2.4 km long track in Columbus, Ohio, his round without a driver. The Startup works with risk capital, BMW i Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures. The classic car maker to watch this Segment very closely.

May Mobility uses Lidar Sensors from Cepton from San José. In addition to the rotating Lidar Sensors as a half-ball on the roof there are three different types of Solid State Lidar. Everything that moves, can block, and thus the function interrupt. Therefore, car prefer a manufacturer of static systems. In addition, aerodynamic and optical reasons against rotating Laser talk in many cases. The height of the vehicle is a criterion, separate the hemispheres.

Movement like a speaker cone

Cepton has its Micro Motion Technology for the Lidar Sensors to be patented. “Where there is only a minimal movement. At best you can compare it with the membrane of a loudspeaker,” says Cepton-chief Jun Pei during a conversation in Las Vegas. The range of the Sensors is approximately 200 meters with an angle of 120 degrees. Among the company’s customers from San José, the Japanese supplier Koito. He supplies most of the Japanese car manufacturer, with Front and rear lights. “The idea is to integrate the Lidar Sensors in the Car in the headlights,” says Pei.

Velodyne Ollie (Photo: Dirk, Customer)

The job market

  1. Eurowings Aviation GmbH, Cologne
  2. mobilcom-debitel GmbH, Büdelsdorf

Velodyne shows in the People Mover Olli its new Lidar Sensor Vela Dome. The small half-ball is seated on the side above the door. 180 x 180 degrees, the Sensor captures the complete page to the bottom. At the Stand of the company from the Silicon Valley, one of the employees always leaves a Ball in the direction of Olli roles, the Sensor detects properly.