Robotics: a Student builds a functioning upper limb prostheses made of Lego


The nineteen-year-old David Aguilar is born with a disability, but to help with LEGO bricks. He builds functioning prostheses commercially available LEGO sets. The projects he shows on his Youtube channel.

9. February 2019, 11:27 PM
Oliver Nickel

David Aguilar builds his upper limb prostheses.
(Image: Youtube/Hand Solo)

The Spaniard David Aguilar builds-functioning upper limb prostheses made of LEGO bricks. The 19-Year-old Student in bioengineering, shows his now four different gripping tools on his Youtube-channel Hand Solo. “I wanted to see myself in the mirror, I see other guys with two hands,” he said in an interview with ABC News. He is born with a genetic disease of the right shoulder and the right Arm are not fully formed.

The job market

  1. DIBT Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin
  2. PSI energy, Gas & Oil, Berlin, Essen

His LEGO prostheses are composed of commercially available LEGO sets. The Mark-2-Arm was made from the Lego Technic Air Race Jet, which costs just under 130 euros. Aguilar used to Move his Arms, however, in addition, a rope design with the Motor and the rubber bands that allow movement at the elbow and the gripper.

An Arm made out of Lego and music

The prostheses are adapted to its physical properties: David Aguilar, and his not properly bildtete Hand and pulls a lever to control the gripper. The elbow movement is supported by the Motor that drives normally, the chassis of the Jetmodells. Interestingly, the entire prosthesis was constructed from a single LEGO kit.

In addition to such projects, the music makes Aguilar on a Soundboard and tells his life story in Videos. After graduation, he would like to produce affordable prosthetics for people in need, he reports ABC News. “Because, what is normal?”, he says. His upper limb prostheses from Lego, he uses, meanwhile, only occasionally. They are more of a Symbol of what is possible. Therefore, he puts them in his University.