Smartwatches: Google searches in-chief position for the development of Wearables


Google is building its own Smartwatch? Two job offers to show that the company intends to develop at least one Form of Wearables. This could be a flagship model for Android Wear, which must, however, compete with established brands such as the Apple Watch.

9. February 2019, 12:19 PM
Oliver Nickel

Google is building its own Smartwatch?
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At the moment, Google is looking for a head of Hardware Engineering for Wearables. The company could pursue a strategy to develop a Smartwatch, smart glasses or other Wearable device, the controlled brand. This is also confirmed by a second Job, which is looking for a Design Manager for Wearables. Applicants should submit a Portfolio with the “excellent product design”. In addition, a sense of current and emerging Trends should be brought.

The job market

  1. German cancer research center (DKFZ), Heidelberg
  2. about dueren Hoff GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Both should have a Minimum of 15 years of professional experience in their respective fields. It is not entirely clear, what kind would like to develop of Wearables Google. Experimental products like Google Glass were never really successful. It could, therefore, be a Smartwatch. That would explain why Google has bought this business in January 2019 by the watch manufacturer Fossil. After all, the acquisition of 40 million US cost a Dollar.

One of the last projects of the former Fossil Department introduced in the autumn of 2018. The Fossil Sport is a Runduhr with a fitness tracker, GPS, NFC Chip and a Snapdragon-3100-Chip from Qualcomm. It is possible that Google is running this project. The company could present the specially developed operating system, Android Wear on a flagship platform.

Just will not endeavor certainly. Apple and Samsung build their own Smartwatches. Just Apple has positioned the Apple Watch on the niche market. In order to be successful, must, in any case, a new SoC, this is essential, as Qualcomm’s Chip is several years old and therefore not very energy – efficient. This is a difficult task for an aspiring head of Hardware Engineering at Google.