Streaming: Amazon is offering the third season of The Expanse in German


Recently, Fans can watch the first in Germany that are not available for a third season and all other episodes of the Sci-Fi series The Expanse – in the original or in English. You will not be led by Amazon Prime Video, after it was 2018 in the series.

9. February 2019, 11:10 PM
Oliver Nickel

The Expanse can be watched in English.
(Image: Amazon Prime Video)

European Fans of The Expanse. the series since 08 February 2019 to watch on Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video completely. The so far only in the United States emitted third season for German-speaking viewers is available – including a German language edition, original audio and subtitles.

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Each of the consequences, with the Amazon-original preload. The retailer had Rocinante the rights to the series to earth, the Mars, the ship and its Crew can gain in the year 2018, the then owner, and US-Sender Syfy that wanted this set due to poor rates. Nevertheless, the far erfühung not seemed to be easy: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced only at the time of his appearance in may 2018, the National Space Society, the series will be extended to a fourth season. The cheering was great.

Meanwhile, is sure that Amazon will continue the series with a fourth season. A Release is scheduled for 2019. Through the long negotiations and the resulting production stop, it is likely that we will be able to see the first effects until the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Fans can watch the third season. This leads to the conflict between earth, Mars and the asteroid’s inhabitants, who call themselves the Belter, in a next round. At the same time the story of the mysterious blue Material. Like all seasons before the end of the third season, with a shallow Cliffhanger that makes you want more. There is joy on the next season of the greater.

Supplement dated 11. February 2019, 10:14 PM

The Expanse, there are in fact, for Prime subscribers, free of charge. However, the squadrons on the desktop page of the online shipping trade and in the Prime-Video-App part difficult to. The search for “The Expanse” shows as the first hit of the paid variant of the third season, followed by a novel. Only then will the Link to the streaming variant is to be seen – as indicated by the Prime mark on the article image. The second and first season shows the search even much further down, which creates understandable confusion.

The problems are exacerbated in the use of Fire TV devices. This is it for customers even harder to find the relay that is included in the Prime subscription. Since the fall of 2016, all of the Prime bands on the Fire TV interface is missing, so that Prime-content can be even harder to identify. In February 2017 us that Amazon had said that a modified Form of the Prime-Band is to be introduced. However, there is no indication that the promise will ever be redeemed.