Competition disability: the 48 US States investigating Google


Not only in Europe, in the USA, Google is on the grounds of alleged obstruction of competition in the criticism. Now the U.S. States to examine the allegations.

10. September 2019, 11:11 PM
Friedhelm Greis/ dpa

Against Google is being investigated for its business practices.
(Image: Aly Song/Reuters)

The prosecutors of almost all U.S. States have joined the antitrust investigations against Google. The Internet group is facing its biggest competitive challenge in the United States. 48 U.S. States and the government of the district of Washington DC, and Puerto Rico joined by the Texas attorney General Ken Paxton stated Initiative. Only California and Alabama do not participate. The investigation aims to clarify, according to Paxton, first, whether Google has hindered competition in the business with advertising on the Internet. You could, however, be extended according to the findings in other areas.

The job market

  1. Deloitte, Düsseldorf
  2. Medisoft GmbH, Hamburg

To justify Paxton said that, in principle, nothing to speak against it, if a company is engaging in free competition the strongest Position. “However, we have seen evidence that the business practices of Google have the choice of the consumer, undermine, innovation, limit, and the privacy of the users could be hurt as well as Google’s control over the dissemination of Online information. We intend to pursue in this case, established facts accurately and to take the appropriate action,” said Paxton.

Florida’s attorney General Ashley, Moody’s said on Monday in Washington: “If there is no free market or competition increases, the prices – even if something is marketed as free and hurts consumers.”

The investigation unexpectedly comes for Google – the parent company Alphabet had been declared on Friday, in a communication to the stock exchange supervision is to be expected with discovery requests. Google countered as early as last week with a blog entry, in which the group stressed that its services have created more choice for consumers and supported thousands of Jobs and small businesses in the United States. The company wants to show that in a fair competition.

The investigations will increase the pressure on the because of their large market controversial Alphabet-daughter. Google has been accused by competitors, again and again, its strong Position in the search engine and advertising business to take advantage of in order to disadvantage the competition. So, the EU Commission imposed a multi-billion Euro competition penalties against Google in court is going on. So, the group should pay a penalty of 1.49 billion euros, because the Sitesearch Adsense for Search to other suppliers disabled had been. In July 2018, there was a fine to the EU in the amount of 4.34 billion euros against Google for illegal practices in Android to strengthen the dominant position of its search engine.