Foldable Smartphone: Samsung is working on App compatibility for Galaxy Fold


At market launch, already has hundreds of Apps available that are optimized for the unusual square-cut, foldable screen of the Galaxy Fold. For Samsung works with a number of developers, including Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

10. September 2019, 11:30 PM
Tobias Költzsch

The Galaxy Fold of Samsung
(Image: Martin Wolf/

Samsung wants to launch foldable Smartphones Galaxy Fold for the buyer a large number of optimized Apps available. These should be adapted to the unusual square-cut, inner screen and the other is good with App the Continuity of work. App Continuity refers to the seamless switching between content on the inside, foldable screen, and the outer attached to the smaller Display.

The job market

  1. Diakoneo, Neuendettelsau
  2. ITEOS, Freiburg, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Ulm

As Samsung writes in a press release, has optimized the company already has hundreds of Apps for the Galaxy Fold. The South Korean manufacturers have worked together with numerous partners. These include Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.

Asphalt 9 is not yet adjusted

As a not quite correctly adjusted, the App on the internal screen of the Galaxy Fold looks like we could see in our first short test of the device. The racing game Asphalt 9 information were missing in the corners, because the App is not adapted to the rounded edges of the foldable, a 7.3-inch screen. As we have closed the Galaxy Fold while playing, do not continued to see the App in addition, on the outer, a 4.6-inch Display.

For Samsung, it would be essential that the market launch of the device, as many Apps are the advantages of the inner large screen can use. According to Samsung is already working since April of 2018, because a wide compatibility.

The Galaxy Fold to. after the first botched launch in April 2019 in Germany on 18 September 2019 come in the trade. The device will cost 2,100 Euro.