Windows 10: Sharps conference Display is also a room air knife


In addition to Microsoft also Sharp wants to offer as one of the first companies to a Windows Collaboration Display. The System uses Windows 10, and has integrated Sensors. The measure the climate in the conference room.

10. September 2019, 11:41 PM
Oliver Nickel

Sharp build conference systems with Windows 10.
(Picture: Sharp)

Some manufacturers apply the concept of Windows Collaboration display (WCD), the Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub 2S again. Including the Japanese company Sharp shows at the electronics trade fair Ifa, 2019, a System with a 4K Panel, Webcam, touch screen and 90 inch diagonal image. It should, however, also be smaller Displays. The difference to the Surface Hub: Sharp installed a full-fledged Windows 10 while Microsoft offers its product specially designed for meeting situations, is adapted Version.

The job market

  1. STADA Arzneimittel AG, Laichingen near Ulm
  2. PURE Pharma GmbH & co. KG, Munich

The Sharp WCD is also equipped with a Sensor that the climate in conference rooms, trade fairs can. To help keep the climate in such rooms as pleasant as possible. The Sensor measures air quality, temperature, humidity, and the lighting in the room. It is connected to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. “The advanced Features are part of Microsoft’s Vision to provide companies the full potential of the smart Cloud workplace,” writes Sharp in the press release.

Not-Microsoft-account limited

As a Windows 10 device, the System is suitable according to the manufacturer, at the best, with Office 365, especially Microsoft Teams. However, it is – how many Windows PCs – also compatible with other programs. Users can use Google’s Ecosystem, in parallel, or to a completely different manufacturer Dodge.

This is a contrast to the Surface-stroke-series, which actually works only with Microsoft account. Is connected to sharp’s System via a USB type-C to a Client. Alternatively, participants can connect via the network to the device.

Sharp announces a price for his conference system. Customers can sign up for more information on the website.