Buses ‘to become speed traps’ | Legal Advice | Honest John


Buses could be turned into speed traps, according to the Environmental Transport Association (ETA).

The green breakdown provider explained the back ends of the vehicles are to be fitted with warning signs which flash when a following car is travelling too quickly or tailgating.

Due to be installed on Stagecoach buses, the Tailguardian system can detect when a car us breaking the two-second distance rule.

When this happens, an illuminated sign lights up to remind the driver in question of the speed limit in that particular area.

Andrew Davis, ETA director, said he welcomed the new technology.

He stated: "Overtaking large vehicles can be treacherous, so the back end of a bus is an ideal place to remind drivers if they are speeding or tailgating."

In other motoring news, ETA recently reported a road had been invented which generates electricity when traffic drives over it, meaning that British motorists could soon be used to create a cheap source of power.

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