Diesel cars ‘are a green choice’ | Motoring News | Honest John


Motorists buying a car can do their bit for the planet by choosing a diesel vehicle rather than a petrol model, it has been claimed.

Carbonfootprint.com acknowledged that a number of green motors were prohibitively expensive.

However, it said people who could not afford models like the Toyota Prius did have other options.

Managing director John Buckley advised: "What people can do is buy diesel cars because they tend to have a much better mile per gallon than petrol [models]."

He admitted this could involve a larger initial outlay, but added motorists would make back any extra money spent up front through reduced running costs.

Mr Buckley went on to say that in the future the range of vehicles available to environmentally-aware motorists would be much more extensive.

A family-run website, carbonfootprint.com was established to offer practical advice and information to busy individuals and firms keen to improve their green credentials.

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