Simple checks ‘could prevent a car insurance claim’ | Motoring News | Honest John


Motorists keen to avoid the hassle of sorting out a car insurance claim this Christmas should check their tyre pressure before making any long journeys, it has been suggested.

TyreSafe pointed out levels may need to be adjusted at this time of year to take into account the extra weight of additional passengers and luggage.

It advised the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure for such occasions would be recorded in the vehicle handbook.

Commenting on the importance of adjusting the levels, TyreSafe chairman Rob Beddis said: "Although fewer cars are on the road over the Christmas period, the number suffering from tyre-related problems is alarming."

He warned failing to conduct a simple tyre checks could result in a blowout and an accident.

Earlier this year, TyreSafe suggested motorists could improve the safety of their vehicles in winter by fitting cold weather tyres – designed specifically to deal with icy driving conditions.

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