Britons ‘pay £75 billion to drive’ | Motoring News | Honest John


Some £75 billion is being paid by motorists in order to drive on roads in the UK, it has been claimed.

New research conducted by price comparison website has found that an average of £2,395 for each motorist is forked out by drivers for car insurance, servicing, road tax and petrol costs – up from £1,787 last year.

A spokesperson for the company has stated that the rising cost of motoring will put some people from taking to the road altogether.

"The rising cost could lead to more uninsured drivers on our roads and people invalidating their insurance by driving unsafe vehicles as they can no longer afford proper maintenance," the representative said.

A recent report published in the Guardian has cited Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency figures showing that there are fewer people taking driving lessons because of the credit crunch.

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