Irish sales initiative granted Subaru support | Motoring News | Honest John


A Subaru dealership in Ireland is to back a shopping exhibition in the town of Sligo.

The initiative, in which local shops are encouraged to slash prices and get people into shops, runs from October 18th to November 3rd and will now receive the backing of a new addition to the Subaru family.

Peter Mooney Motors, recently made an authorised dealer, is to offer support to the project, something the town is reportedly "delighted" with.

Indeed, chief executive officer of Sligo chamber Rebecca Stevens has commented on the long-term benefits of the deal with the Subaru dealership.

She said: "This advertising has a longer shelf life than the two weeks of the Spree, and so those who participate in the annual Spree are effectively participating in a more general promotion of Sligo’s retailing base."

The Republic of Ireland town of Sligo is home to about 18,000 people.