The ultimate vacation guide for families


In this article, I will be listing my top places to take your family for a much-needed break. 

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After the chaos of the global pandemic, I would say most of us are in desperate need for a vacation. We have all been stuck indoors whether working remote or helping our kids learn online we need more than a trip we need a magical experience. In this article, I will be listing my top places to take your family for a much-needed break. 

Let’s dive in!

1: The perfect Disney experience
When it comes to having magical family time, nothing stands out more than Disney. With so many wonderful sights and attractions for the whole family, it’s hard to think of a better place for everyone to enjoy! Unfortunately, all the wonder can also come at a very steep price point but luckily you can now get Disney vacation club resale options to save a bundle and still enjoy the ultimate Disney vacation. 

Here is how it works:

Similar to a flight point system, Disney Vacation Rental resale also uses a point system so you can access wonderful accommodations, extend your trips, and have more flexibility. Let’s go step-by-step to see the process:

  • Disney vacation club resale – purchase your deeded real estate 
  • Choose the right property for your family needs 
  • Accrue points you can use throughout the year
  • Choose a timeshare option that will give you more vacation options in the US and abroad 
  • Enjoy the flexibility and nearly endless perks and amenities from owning a DVC rental 
  • Here are just a few of the amenities you can take advantage of:

    • Disney bus transportation
    • Childcare
    • Laundry services 
    • Concierge 
    • Spa and Fitness Club 

    2: The great outdoors
    After being cooped inside all day what could be better than getting some fresh air and getting far away from all the drama. A great option is taking the family on an adventure to any of the national landmarks around the United States. Camping is a great way to do something fun together at a low price point. Here are a few ways to plan your trip:

  • Rent camping equipment from your local camping stores like REI or Any Mountain
  • Check out organized trips like day-hikes
  • Go to AAA for trip ideas and great discounts on campgrounds, RV rentals, restaurants, and more
  • Where to go?
    There are nearly endless options all over the country but it's good to consider your specific families needs and abilities. For example, if you have small children or are travelling with older relatives choose a spot that is easily accessible by stroller or wheelchair as well as close to a city for any needs you may have. Some examples are the Grand Canyon or Myrtle Beach. 

    Speaking of the beach – no list would be complete without mentioning a great water-cation!

    3: Hit the waves
    With two massive oceans on either side and plenty of other famous rivers, lakes, and islands, if your family wants to get wet and wild choose from one of these great spots. 

  • Hawaii – with so many islands, beaches, resorts, and entertainment the islands of Hawaii have long been a favourite destination 
  • Outer Banks – for a less expensive option you can drive to the North Carolina coast and rent affordable vacation homes for a summer on the water
  • San Diego – if you like a mix of city and nature – San Diego is packed with everything. Enjoy the local San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Safari, Museums and beautiful beaches for surfing and relaxing
  • That wraps up my TOP 3 list! Let us know which one you are excited about!