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24 offers Cheap New Toyota Avensis diesels at huge discounts available. Savings of upto £3,770 Prices quoted include Metallic Paint, 12 months VED, 1st Registration
Fee and FREE Delivery to your home or place of work. All Metallic colours available. Call 0161 499 7007 to secure your car for delivery in March on the 05 Plate. All cars UK dealer supplied with 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Toyota Avensis T 2 2.0 D-4D £13465 Saving £2505

Toyota Avensis T3-X 2.0 D-4D £14207 Saving £3263

Toyota Avensis T Spirit 2.0 D-4D £16700 Saving £3770

These and Many More Toyotas available. Check website for further offers or Call 0161 499 7007 Now For Prices, Specifications and Availability. All other models are available. To secure your chosen vehicle, phone for a full written quotation.

All UK dealer supplied. No Imports at UK Car Discount Ltd.

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