New A-Class Introductory Discounts from Drivethedeal | Motoring News | Honest John

27 is already offering discounts on UK supplies and warranted new Mercedes A-Class, which is a much classier car than the original. See road test at:

New A150 Classic SE 3dr £13442, Saving £492
New A150 Avantgarde SE 5dr £15610, Saving £619
New A170 Elegance SE 5dr £16627, Saving £677
New A200 Avantgarde SE 3dr £17399, Saving £720
New A160 CDi Classic SE 5dr £14491, Saving £553
New A180 CDi Avantgrade SE 5dr £17577, Saving £732
New A200 CDi Avantgarde SE 5dr Tip auto £20449, Saving £900

Details of these deals and many more at