New MX5s From £12,100; 1.8 Sport £14,700 | Motoring News | Honest John

27 is offering big discounts on the full range of Mada MX5s, including the special edition Arctic. All UK specification, Uk supplied and UK warranted.

Mazda Mx-5 1.6I £12,100
Mazda Mx-5 1.6I Option Pack £12,800
Mazda Mx-5 1.8I £12,450
Mazda Mx-5 1.8I Option Pack £13,300
Mazda Mx-5 1.8I Sport 6-speed £14,700
Mazda Mx-5 1.6 Arctic £14,245
Mazda Mx-5 1.8 Arctic £14,725

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