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Most of the traders had not even seen one. Yet there it was on an 04 plate with 2,965 miles under its wheels, a hideous knobbly steering wheel glove, two ironic Union Jacks under the Solo badge on its boot, and its bonnet up due a flat battery.

The Solo is actually the basic model, which lists at £6,495 on the road, so the £3,500 bid that bought it was actually quite respectable at more than half price.

Good things come in pairs and there were two Skoda Octavia VRSs in today’s sale. The 23k mile 03 reg estate seen previously on Wednesday bid to £9,500 today, while the 31k mile 2002/52 looked like right money to me, selling for £7,800.

Wednesday’s 65k mile 2002/52 Mazda 6 2.0 diesel 136ps Sport was back again, this time apparently bidding £50 more to £8,000. But at the other end of the auction house, an 89k mile 2003/52 Mazda 6 2.0 diesel 121ps CD estate in fine condition hit the buffers at a top bid of just £4,950.

A 28k mile 2003/53 Mercedes E320CDI Avant Garde sold for a low £23,600, yet a 10k mile 2003/53 E270CDI Elegance estate apparently bid to £25,700.

A 12k mile 04 reg Renault Scenic 1.5DCI 80 Expression sold for £9,500, while its bigger brother, a 1,676 mile 2004/54 reg Grand Scenic 1.9DCI 120 sold for £12,300.

A 36k mile 03 reg Honda Civic 2.0 litre Type S (chain cam) bid to £7,600 and made a 72k mile 02 reg Civic 1.6 Executive look dear at £5,550. But a 97k mile 2002/51 CR-V SE Sport was the cheapest new shape CR-V I’ve seen at £7,250.

A previous Prius, 38k miles on a 2001/51 bid to £6,600, which is a bit more than they used to make. More than £7,400 was wanted for a 38k mile 2001/51 Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 manual, newer than they usually are but a bit tatty.

Berlingos and Partners seem to have solidified and it required £4,850 to secure a 29k mile 2002/51 Partner 1.9D combi.

Finally, someone drove away in the cheapest LandRover Freelander TD4 I’ve ever seen. This was a 96k mile 2002/52 short wheelbase hardback and the buyer bought it for £7,100.

Monday’s Top car sale includes an 04 reg Bentley Continental Coupe and a muscular 02 reg Aston Martin Vanquish, so if you win Saturday’s Double Rollover be sure to get down there. Leaseplan will be offering no less than eight green and white 51 reg MINI Coopers in its 16th February sale at Blackbushe. There’s a Classic Car auction on Monday 21st. And Top Car again on Monday 28th.

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