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Looking like it had just won the Monte Carlo Rally, this 40k mile 98R John Cooper edition Mini really sparkled and, instead of dying at about £2,500, bid all the way to sell for an over book retail £3,850. “Where do you go with that?” asked one trader. And the answer had to be, unless you know someone who wants a really nice original Mini, you end up driving around in it.

In direct contrast, new MINIs aren’t making quite as much as they were. There was a bit of a surplus in the Leaseplan section: no less than five 51 reg Coopers, all in metallic racing green and white with white wheels. So, very sensibly, two of the cars were withdrawn. The first of the remaining three, with 30k miles, sold for £7,900; the second, also with 30k miles, bid to £8,350; the third, with 25k miles, sold for £8,500. Not quite where the same cars were before Christmas.

Honda Jazz aren’t as strong as MINIs, but not far off considering their much lower list prices. A 20k mile 02 reg 1.4SE sold for a very healthy £6,650 and made a 53k mile 02 reg SEAT Leon 20VT Cupra look startlingly cheap at just £6,850.

Lumpy Jaguar X-Types are beginning to reflect their mileages with £7,100 buying an 84k mile 51 reg 2.5SE and £7,650 enough for a 74k mile 51 reg 2.5SE.

A 102k mile 02 reg Rover 75 2.0CDT Classic Touring looked like a good buy for someone at £5,200. While a 77k mile 51 reg Mondeo TDDI 115 LX estate was cheap at £4,450.

There were a couple of air cooled 993s in the Porsche section. The 66k mile N reg 3.6 Carrera Coup was the peach and made £24,400, while a slightly suspect 66k mile 96P 3.6 Carrerra convertible with the roof stuck down sold for £22,100.

A 15k mile 03 reg Ford Ka with the new 70PS ohc engine looked on the low side to me at a top bid of £2,675.

By strange coincidence there were two Mazda MX6s in the day’s sales. The 85k mile 96P sold for £1,750 and the 117k mile 95N sold for £975.

Among the cheap cheapies, a 155k mile 94M but low insurance Mondeo 1.6LX estate with two month’s ticket sold for £275, a clean 122k mile 92J Volvo 480 Turbo with MOT to July sold for £200 and a 121k mile faded red 92J pre-car Cavalier 2.0CDI with MOT to October sold for £50.

Car of the day? Well it had to be a 97R Mercedes E430 Avant Garde Estate. It had 105k miles under its wheels, but was still an awful lot of motor for £6,600.

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