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True to form, the first auction after registration day saw two hard to get independent imports already on the coveted 03 plates, with V5s and with an all too generous 6 months VED.

They both sold, but the surprise was that neither got close to UK list. The143bhp C180K SE auto (actually the cheaper Sequentronic) sold for £20,000, some £2k short of UK list. While the possibly more desirable 150bhp 320D Compact SE manual went for £18,950, which is £3k short of UK list.

Now with Sterling dropping like bombs on Iraq, you’d be excused for thinking that Euro imports should be very solid in the expectation of price increases. But the other factor coming in to play here is the rush to get out of Sterling. And before you can get out of Sterling, first you’ve got to turn your assets into it.

So unusually for a Top Car sale, car after car was a seller. A January 2003, 52 reg 320D automatic saloon specced up to a UK list of nearly £27k sold for £22,400. A 21k mile 15 month old 2001/51 Mercedes E320 Avantgarde Estate that apparently cost £44,000 new sold for £24,300. A 6k mile year old 02 reg Maserati 4.2 Cambiocorsa Spyder sold for £50,500. A 19k mile 2001Y Maserati 3.2 twin turbo auto coupe sold for £28,350. A 32k mile 99T Mercedes S500 went for £25,400. A beautiful metallic black 19k mile 2001Y Porsche 996 Convertible with expensive factory hardtop sold for £45,900. A 3k mile 02 reg new shape Mercedes CLK 240 Avantgarde sold for £28,500 despite the long waiting list for a new one. A 25k mile 98S TVR Cerbrera 4.5 sold for just £16,000.

Basically, there was a lot of getting out of cars and into money in the rush to convert it into the right money. But a couple of cars did still show some genuine residual strength. One was a 17k mile 02 reg Range Rover 4.4HSE in the right colour of White Gold which made a substantial £46,750. And the other was, need you have asked, a black 2002/52 X5 3.0D Sport Auto in the identical spec that lists at £42k in the UK and sold for £46,750 at Top Car last September, but now showing 6,500 miles. It was bought to order by a man in black for £43,750.

Note that BCA Blackbushe has switched its Friday LCV sale to Thursdays, so Friday’s sale is now 3 halls of cars. For information of upcoming BCA auctions, visit www.bca-auctions.co.uk Full list of auction centres throughout the country at www.honestjohn.co.uk (go back to the home-page and click on auction directory).

Remember also, Brightwells HUGE 4×4 SALE at Leominster has now gone WEEKLY instead of fortnightly. The next is tomorrow, 4th February at Leominster Market on the A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, phone: 01568 611325, website: www.brightwells.com