Ford Officially Announces new Ka Engine | Motoring News | Honest John


Ford has cleared up a bit of confusion out there by officially announcing its new 70bhp Ka engine.

Though this is derived from the ancient 1,299cc iron block pushrod lump that has powered small Fords since 1959, it has a completely new chain-driven overhead-cam light alloy cylinder head. This not only eliminates the old problem of spark plugs rusting into the head, but also gives the Ka a useful power increase, better economy and better performance.

0-60 is now down to 13.4 seconds, top speed is up to 104mph, economy improves to 43.5mpg on the combined cycle, the engine is Euro 4 emissions compliant, CO2 output is 154g/km (Band C currently £120pa VED), and insurance remains in low Group 2E.

Together with the Street Ka and Sport Ka which arrive in a few months time, this is going to win the Ka a lot of new friends.

Particularly at drivethedeal’s price of £5,500. (Normal prices £6,495 – £9,695.)

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