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We’ve all heard stories about Citroen’s price-cutting leading to plunging residuals. But on the basis of today’s Grammy winning performance at BCA Blackbushe, buyers of the right Citroens could be in for a nice surprise when they come to sell.

The event was staged to establish residuals for the new C3 and ten cars were offered: all 1.4SXs with a/c and CD players and all in nice metallic colours. Bidding on the first kicked off at a low £5,500 but after it made £7,200 the starter price was raised to £7,000. The last of the ten, the 9,000 mile Tuscan Blue example in the photo, sold for all of £7,500. Quite a lot when you bear in mind that offers to put you into a brand new UK supplied 03 reg C3 1.4SX for £7,933 on the road.

Residuals were looking strong on Xsara Picassos, too. 02 reg 1.8SXs with 13k – 14k miles were selling at around the £9,000 mark (new 03 reg £10,442 from While 02 reg Picasso HDI SXs were even stronger at £9,500 to £9,750 for 13k – 14k mile examples (new 03 reg £10,963 from Drivethedeal). More to the point, though, even older Picassos did well, with £7,300 paid by someone for a 21k mile 2000X 1.6SX.

C5s, of course, weren’t quite so healthy. £7,550 was the top price paid for a 12k mile 02 reg 1.8SX against £10,225 for a new one via the Citroen Owners Club website. But put a diesel engine in and they woke up a bit, with 02 reg HDI 110 LXs making around £8,750.

Saxos too were making good money. 99V 1.0s and 1.1s were all between £2,700 and £3,250, making later four-stud cars at just a few hundred more look even better value.

Remember, BCA Blackbushe has switched its Friday LCV sale to Thursdays, so Friday’s sale is now 3 halls of cars. For information of upcoming BCA auctions, visit Full list of auction centres throughout the country at (go back to the home-page and click on auction directory).

Remember, Brightwells HUGE 4×4 SALE at Leominster has now gone WEEKLY instead of fortnightly. The next is tomorrow, 25th February at Leominster Market on the A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, phone: 01568 611325, website: