Shortage of Stock Keeps Auction prices High | Motoring News | Honest John


Activity is amongst the most frenetic auctioneers can remember for a January and more buyers than cars are keeping prices up.

But the 12 year old Soarer Coupe in the photo was a luxury most of us could still afford. Its cloth seats went against it, as well as 137k plus a speedo change, but it was still a lot of flash for £2,975 cash.
A genuine UK 95N Lexus LS400 with 156k miles and full Lexus history was probably a bit more sensible at £4,500 provisional.

The least dear Audi TT 225 Quattro roadster I’ve ever seen came with a left hook and 42,900 kms recorded against it. Top bid for that was a provisional £14,200. A 5,000 mile 02 reg S8 with an unsaleable interior bid to just £31,600. While a bright yellow Irish registered October 2001 MGZS 180 sold for a low £8,650.

Everything else looked like lots of money to me. Traders are still buying cars without V5s, then taxing and registering them to themselves so they are at least saleable. In this way, a very ordinary 43k miles unwarranted 2000W Golf 2.0 GTi 3-door went for £7,450; a 19k unwarranted 2001Y PT Cruiser Touring sold for £9,400; and a 10k unwarranted Merc C180 2.0 AvantGarde auto sold for all of £17,400.

Even cheapies were dear: £4,250 for a 49k unwarranted 97P Suzuki Vitara V6; £3,400 for a 40k unwarranted 2000V SEAT Ibiza 1.4; £1,400 for a 49k unwarranted 97P Proton Persona 1.6 3-door; £1,300 for an 88k mile 97P FIAT Brava 1.4S; £1,100 for a 127k unwarranted 93L Golf 1.8CL.

But this won’t last long. Once February gets here, cars without V5s will be 15% – 20% less money, making them real bargains to the private buyer with somewhere off road to park them for the 6 – 8 weeks it will take him to register and tax them.

Unsold car of the day was a 7k mile 02 reg Toyota Previa D-4D GLS 7-seater. It was white and came with no V5, but still the most it managed to raise was £15,900 which wasn’t nearly enough for the finance company.

Remember, BCA Blackbushe has switched its Friday LCV sale to Thursdays, so Friday’s sale is now 3 halls of cars. For information of upcoming BCA auctions, visit Full list of auction centres throughout the country at (go back to the home-page and click on auction directory).

And remember, Brightwells HUGE 4×4 SALES at Leominster have now gone WEEKLY instead of fortnightly. The next is next Tuesday, 28th January at Leominster Market on the A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, phone: 01568 611325, website: