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Amazing how many V5s have suddenly come out of the woodwork and filing cabinets. And how fleets and finance companies now make strenuous efforts to ensure their cars come to the block with them. But you do have to keep your ears flapped forwards to hear the auctioneer’s description to make sure.

The very neat and tidy 74k mile 97P BMW 840 CI 4.4 Sport in the photo didn’t. But instead it did come with VED to the end of June 2003 so could be legally driven as soon as it re-sold. There might have been a nice little earn in the £13,750 it made. That was a whole £1,250 less than the 113k mile 97R Jag XK8 which preceded it, but which did have the advantage of a new engine fitted exactly a year ago.

A general shortage of part exchanges and de-fleetings in the run-up to March 03 plates and the first signs of Spring combined to push prices up high today. £8,000 was a lot for a 26k mile Y reg Alfa 147 1.6 TS base model. So was £12,300 for 2k mile 02 plate independently imported Peugeot 206CC (Just £13,499 brand new from trade Sales.) While £6,850 paid for an 8k miles unwarranted 02 reg old shape Renault Megane 1.4 Expression was just plain daft. (Trade Sales does a new 1.4 Authentique with a/c for £7,499.) Even £8,050 paid for a 900 mile 52 reg Toyota Yaris 1.3GLS 5-door made no sense.

But old stuff and old shape Mondeos are nearly nothing. A 97k mile 96P Mondeo 1.8iLX auto sold for £650. A neat and tidy 171k mile 87D Volvo 760 2.8 GLE estate fetched £310; a 298k mile 95M Mondeo GLXTD went for £250 and a 95k mile 89F Toyota Camry heard the hammer fall at just £80.

Silliest bid was £32,600 for a 26,000 mile Y reg BMW X5 3.0i Sport auto on massive 20” Antera wheels with 295/40ZR20 Wrangler tyres, but with no history and no V5. Probably best buy of the day was a 63k mile 97P Lexus LS400 which had seen two too many owners and sold for a mere £10,050.

Remember, BCA Blackbushe has switched its Friday LCV sale to Thursdays, so Friday’s sale is now 3 halls of cars. For information of upcoming BCA auctions, visit www.bca-auctions.co.uk Full list of auction centres throughout the country at www.honestjohn.co.uk (go back to the home-page and click on auction directory).

BCA’s next Classic and Historic sale is at Blackbushe from 13.00 on Monday 10th February with viewing that morning and from 13.00 to 16.00 on Sunday. The sale includes a nice 1924 Riley 11/40 Sports Tourer, a rare and beautiful 1935 Riley 6/15 Kestrel, an extremely rare 1964 Lagonda Rapide and plenty of other old, middle aged and more modern classics. More at www.classic-car-auction.co.uk

And remember, Brightwells HUGE 4×4 SALES at Leominster have now gone WEEKLY instead of fortnightly. The next is next Tuesday, 11th February at Leominster Market on the A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, phone: 01568 611325, website: www.brightwells.com