Corvette Makes £25,400 at Auction Today | Motoring News | Honest John


While the three star Top Cars remained unsold at Blackbushe today, this awesome 21,000 kilometre 2001Y Corvette automatic roadster attracted enough buyers into the hall next door to sell over reserve at £25,400. A useful valuation for a rare, unbooked car.

Meanwhile, at Top Car, a 2000X Ferrari F360 with the F1 gearbox and low 11k miles stalled at a top bid of £79,000, which is a full £10,000 under trade book. A brand new RHD Mercedes SL500 with just 100 miles and all the usual extras bid to £76,250 provisionally, which is roughly UK list for the spec. And the other front-runner, an 11 month old 16k mile 2001/51 reg BMW X5 4.4i Sport auto bid to a provisional £40,250.

A few dealers got out of big cars they’d had on their hands for too long. A 5k mile 2001/51 reg Jaguar XJ8 3.2 Executive sold for £23,750; a 35k mile 2001Y BMW 728i with everything including the Playstation II sold for £22,950; a 44k mile 99V 728i with a similar list of goodies sold for £16,400; a 44,000 mile 99T Mercedes E55 AMG sold for £22,400; and a 32,000 mile 2001X Mercedes CLK 320 Avant-garde convertible sold for £27,000.

Whatever may be happening with the big stuff, the market still looked very lively for BMW 3-Series between £10,000 and £25,000. A 23k mile 2001/51 330CI auto with 18” wheels sold for £23,900; a 25k mile 2000X 323CI sold for £17,900; a 46k mile 2001X 320CI 2.2 in the right Topaz Blue sold for £16,950; a 48k mile 99V 323CI sold for £16,500; even saloons were got gone for big money with a 23k mile 2000W 323i SE auto selling for £16,950.

5-Series, on the other hand, are looking increasingly good value. A 75k mile 2000W 523iSE auto sold for £12,500; a 69k mile 2001X 520iSE auto sold for £13,800; a 25k mile 99T 530D SE auto sold for £16,200; and a 5k mile 02 reg 530i Sport auto sold for £22,900, which is £10,000 less than it cost someone just 8 months ago in March.

In the fleet sale, Group 3 insurance 2001Y and 51 reg Micra 1.0S models with PAS were stopping at provisional top bids of £3,300, and an 8 month old 02 stalled at £3,500. (New ones are down to £5,300 as Nissan clears out stocks to prepare for the cute 2003 model, launching mid January.) But Group 2 insurance Corsa 1.2 16v models are solid as a rock. A 47k mile 99T Club with s/r and PAS was reserved at £2,650, yet sailed straight past to sell for £2,950.

More big fleet, finance and part-exchange sale at Blackbushe on Wednesday and Friday.

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