‘January Jump’ Starts Early at BCA Blackbushe | Motoring News | Honest John


Normally the trade expects used prices to bottom out in November, rising slightly in December in anticipation of a much bigger rise the first week in January. Over the years, rock bottom had been getting earlier: sometimes as early as the first week of October. But this year, because there were fewer trade-ins and de-fleetings in September, demand for late used cars exceeded supply well into October and didn’t really start to fall off until the end of the month. It now looks very much like the first 10 days of November was the time to strike because where Blackbushe starts others follow, and prices there were rising very fast today.

The 2000W Celica in the photo had 74,459 miles on its clock and a scratchy dent in the rear three quarters that looked like a £200 job for Paint Technik. I though, first cheap new-shape Celica. But, no way. It shot past reserve of £8,700 to sell for a serious £9,550.

Okay, Golf Mk IV V5 170, then. Though they could work out very dear to buy new, these were never a brilliant drive. This one was 2001Y with 26k and the bidding started at £9,000. But then, first by hundreds, then by fifties, then by twenty-fives, it still crept up to sell for £10,625. Behind book a bit maybe, but still far from cheap.

So what about a Rover 75 1.8 Connoisseur, 2000W with 74k on its retro-look clock? Could if be prime candidate for a five grander? Not a bit of it. The car raced away to sell for £6,600.

And just about everything else was the same story. Especially late 5-Series BMWs (seems there’s a real shortage of these). A 34k mile 2001Y 535i V8 auto sold for £19,800; a lovely but 10k mile 2000X 530i Sport auto made £16,600; and would the auctioneer let a 48k mile 2001X 520i 2.2SE sell for £12,700? No he wouldn’t. Clever auctioneer.

Even Focuses were up again. A 42k 2000W 1.6 Zetec with a/c sold for £5,875, which is £500 more than a week ago.

So was anything cheap? You might think a 98R Escort 1.6iLX with a/c seemed like a bargain for £1,150. But not with 152k on the clock. The best buy I saw was a 49k mile 98S Mondeo 1.8iLX with a/c. It started at £1,200 and sold for £2,500.

Next even Mondeos might be more.

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Tuesday 19th November sees another big Brightwells 4×4 sale at Leominster Marker, A49 By-Pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, starting 11.00am. These sales have become so popular that from January they will be every Tuesday. More at www.brightwells.com