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It’s that time of year again when retail demand is at its lowest and trade buyers are building a two month buffer into their bids, knowing they may not sell what they buy until the new year.

There were a few oddballs, like the RHD 95N Mitsubishi Pajero 110.0 Junior ZR-I in the photo with unwarranted miles but enough cuteness to sell for quite a high £2,450.

Bargains came in pairs, triplets or quads. Four 2001/51 reg Avensis D-4D GSs with 13k to 32k miles sold for £7,250 50 £7,850; Three Vectras: a 92k mile 97P 1.8LS, a 104k mile 98R 1.6 Envoy and an 85k mile 98S 1.6 Envoy sold for £1,500, £1,600 and £1,775; a 130k 97P (97MY) Mondeo GLX TD sold for £1,250, a 100k 98R Mondeo 2.0Si sold for £2,100; and a 97k mile 99V Mondeo 2.0GLX sold for £2,325; a pair of 2000X Yaris Versos with 32k and 38k miles bid to £4,800 and £4,650; a pair of 91J E36 318i saloons of which the red 87k mile auto sold for £2,450 and the white 66k mile manual sold for £2,225; a pair of Audi TT Roadsters with the black 6k mile 2001Y bid to £21,400, and the silver 34k mile 2000X bid to £19,400. Even Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 4.2 diesels managed a two-show with a 40k mile 99T GX auto bid to £23,300 and a 37k 99V GX auto sold for £23,800.

Other low bids included an 81k mile 99T Mercedes C240 Esprit auto, bid to £6,450, a 52k mile 99V Mercedes A170 Elegance auto bid to £7,000, a 63k mile BMW 523i auto with alloys and a/c sold for £10,400; a 72k mile 99V Daewoo Leganza 2.0CDX auto with leather sold for £2,750 and a 69k mile 97P KIA Mentor bid to just £475.

Looking less like bargains because image still keeps their heads above the crowd were four VWs. The yellow 21k mile 99V Lupo 1.4S sold for £4,850; the black 31k mile 99V Golf 1.6SE with alloys sold for £7,80;, the met blue 71k mile 2001Y Passat TDI PD 130SE sold for £9,750; and the met grey 23k mile 2001X Golf GT TDI PD 115 3-door sold for £11,050.

Most solid buy of the day, though, had to be a met grey 39k mile 2000X current shape Volvo V70 2.4T auto. Lovely car, best engine, right gearbox and with leather and air. Not cheap, but not too much money either at £14,000.

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Once again, Monday at BCA Blackbushe is Top Car day: perfect for those whose numbers come up on Saturday. For the less fortunate and for the trade, there will also be fleet sales in Hall 2 and a big part-exchange sale with a no reserve Inchcape section in Hall 3, starting early at 10.00.