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The fleets were obviously keen to get their de-fleetings shifted today before prices really start to tumble. But keen buyers, many of them private, took quite a few cars out of trade money.

Typical was a metallic pink 106,000 mile 98S Volvo V70 TDI manual with a/c. It started at a sensible £5,200. Volvo specialists got out of the bidding at £6,200. Then it went on to sell to a private buyer for £7,400, which was more than specialist forecourt price for the car.

Also dear was a 33k mile 99T Golf 1.6S in Chagal blue with no a/c or sunroof. Once again, a private bidder drove the car home, this time for £6,500, which was £500 over where the trade wanted to be. And, just to rub it home, a second Chagal blue 99T Golf 1.6, but an SE with a/c and a roof, but 43k miles, sold for 6,700 private pounds.

Of course, what I consider a cheap car and what private buyers think is cheap are a lot of money apart. About three weeks ago I bid £5,900 for a 32,000 mile 2000X Focus 2.0i Ghia, clean and with alloy wheels, but in white. I think the top bid than was £6,250, and today it sold for £6,150 against guide trade book of £7,250 with 26k miles. So not a bad buy even though the trade would take at least £500 off for white.

Two year old 2000X Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6SXs with 14k – 22k miles were bidding to £6,000 – £6,700 which makes them not bad depreciators against the Drivethedeal’s UK Supplied price of £10,207 for a new one. On the other hand, C5s showed themselves not such a good bet despite the discounts, with 19k – 22k mile 2001Y 1.8LXs selling for £6,300 – £6,450.

An interesting newcomer was the high spec BMW engined 19k mile 2001/51 reg Freelander TD4 ES SWB in the photo with all the bits, including hill descent control. It books at way over £15k, but this one started at £12,600 and finished at a provisional £13,800.

Photos in the press of next year’s new E60 5 Series are starting to hit values of current E39s. Examples of those sold today were an 87k 98S 523iSE auto with leather sold for £10,050; a 63k mile 99V 523i auto with alloys sold for £11,000; a 115k 2000W 520i auto sold for £7,550; a 121k mile 98S 520iSE auto sold for £7,150; an 80k mile 98R 523iSE auto sold for £8,200.

Convertibles are now winter money with a 65k 99T Audi Cabrio 1.8 selling for £9,000; another, but 98S with 67k selling for £8,100; a 15k mile 2001Y Golf 2.0SE cabrio bidding to £9,250; and a 19k mile 2000W Toyota MR2 running out of enthusiasm at £10,150.

£24,300 seemed a low bit to me for a 47k 2000X Mercedes S320. A 60,000 mile 98S Nissan QX V6 SE auto was a good, solid buy for someone at £3,900. A 98k mile 98S Mondeo 2.0LX was seriously cheap at £1,875. But bargain of the day (there always is one) had to be a 110k mile 99V E46 BMW 320D SE, sold away for £8,700. Compare that to the £17,900 paid for 23k 2001/51 320D SE Touring, next car but one through the hall.

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They’re in different parts of the country, I know. But there’s a public sale of W, X, Y, 51 and 02 registered Fords at BCA Blackbushe at 11.00am on Tuesday 5th November. Cars on offer include 85 new Mondeos, 66 facelift Focus, 23 original Focus, 19 Fiestas, 13 Galaxys, 4 Kas and one old-shape Mondeo.

Meanwhile, same time, same day, at Leominster Market, A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, there will be another huge sale of 4x4s. More about this at