Ex-Rental Fords Remain Excellent Value at Auction | Motoring News | Honest John


For the last 12 years or so, prices of ex-rental Sierras, then Mondeos in November/December auctions have always hovered around the same level. They’re higher when a model is new, of course and, back in 1993, I remember Mondeos reaching £9,500 for a nine month old 2.0LX with 9,000 miles. But, after a year or two, prices settle back and today eleven month old 2.0LXs with 11,000 – 13,000 miles were selling for £7,700 to £8,000, which is what I paid for a similar age and mileage 2.0LX around four years ago.

The big benefit, of course, is you get much more car for your money these days. If you don’t mind a slightly older one, you can pick up a sixteen month old Y reg 1.8LX for around £7,250. 51 reg 2.0LXs were around £8,000. And, as usual, Zetecs commanded a premium with 10,000 – 15,000 mile 51 regers selling for £8,500 to £9,000

Diesels are more, of course. Estates are even more. Someone went really wild and paid £9,600 for a ten month old, 5,500 mile 2.0 Zetec. And naturally they wanted well over £10,000 for 3,000 mile 02 reg ex-demo LX TDCi 130.

Focuses are far better cars than Escorts ever were. Yet they are now selling at around the same price levels as Escorts used to. Today, 02 reg facelift Focus 1.6 Zetecs with Climate Packs were around £8,000. 51 reg facelift Focus 1.6 Zetecs with Climate Packs were £7,500 to £7,750. 51 reg Focus 1.6LXs with alloys and Climate Packs were about the same. 51 reg facelift Ghias were around £8,000. While pre-facelift 51 reg 1.6LXs were around £7,000 and pre-facelift 1.6 Zetecs around £7,400.

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