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They may only be six and a half new. But a defleeting of ex-courtesy year old Corsa 1.0 Clubs, all with met paint and PAS and 9k to 15k miles, didn’t look dear to me at £4,300 to £4,400. With their low as it goes Group 1 insurance, they make a lot of sense for 17 year olds.

Another good bagging had to be a 102k mile 92K Toyota Camry 2.2 7-seater estate for £900. An easy £600 profit in that one for someone with a superbanger pitch. Other people-moving possibilities included a rather scruffy 55k mile 98R Honda Shuttle 2.3LS for £6,050 and a 53k mile 99V Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2.4GDI GLX auto for £6,875. They made a 48,000 mile 2000X Zafira 2.0DI Club look dear at £8,050.

First showing of an 02 reg Focus 1.8 TDCI 115 LX with 7k miles reached £10,050 provisional, which doesn’t compare too well with the price of a new one from a discount broker on this site. £7,900 provisional also looked like a lot for an 02 Focus 1.6LX with a/c, alloys and 11k miles. Have to be careful with Focus prices now because 2 – 3 year olds are really making more money than they should to look like value. Today’s examples included £5,250 for a 54k mile 99V 2.0 Ghia with alloys; £5,500 for a 55,000 mile 2000W 1.6 Zetec with a/c and a few scratches; and £6,200 still provisional for a 32k mile 2000X 2.0 Ghia with alloys but in white.

£16,400 was about right for a 47k mile 2000X BMW 320D SE. £14,800 bought a 56,000 mile 99V 323CI coupe. A 41,000 mile 98R Alfa 2.0 TS GTV made a hefty £8,100. Bidding for a distinctly dodgy 91k unwarranted 93L Nissan 300ZX twin turbo targa auto ran out of steam at £3,950. But surprise of the day had to be a 33k 2000V Honda HRV two wheel drive base model with a cracked windscreen that started at £5,500 then went on to sell for all of £7,000.

Monday at Blackbushe has Citroen UK, Bank of Scotland and Lex Leasing fleet sales, plus part-exchanges from Inchcape, New Way Nissan, Fox Garage, Reg Vardy, Hartwells and Pendragon.

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